What Does Click 26 Do?

We help reduce corporate cyber risk & empower your employees to become more cyber secure.

How Do We Do This?

By providing AI & machine learning technologies that show you the cyber security risks you can’t see & automating the risks you can.

Why Do We Do This?

Because hackers don’t care about you, your firewalls, sandboxes, firmware updates, patches, processes, people or shareholders, they just want to steal your data. We help you stop them.

PCYSYS Automated Pen Testing Opens Up The Most Secure Environments!

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CybSafe - The World’s First Truly Intelligent Security Awareness Platform

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We Really Like This Insightful Video From Research Company Ideas 42

In The Time It Takes You To Watch This Video There Will Have Been 12 Cyber Attacks

What The Experts Are Saying To Click 26

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PCYSYS - Automated Penetration Testing

PCYSYS Automated penetration-testing platform is mimicking the hacker’s mindset and automated discovery of vulnerabilities and ethical exploits while ensuring a smooth network operation. Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediation’s, one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious hacker. 

Geraint Price of Royal Holloway University

Geraint Price of Royal Holloway University discusses his view on AI and how it will help SOC and IT teams. 

The view from the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Richard Merrygold, the DPO of HomeServe, discusses the threats that you cannot see and also the role of the ICO.

The view from the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

GDPR is tasking organisations to put their house in order like never before. The Click team were delighted to spend some time with Jason Albuery, the DPO for Wiggle, who share his thoughts here.

HyTrust - Discover, Classify & Protect Mission Critical Data In Cloud & VM Environments

Office 365, Salesforce & AWS containers may have taken us into the cloud, but now you are there it’s time to beef up your cloud security and take back control, and that process starts with HyTrust.

Vectra: Why is my coffee machine talking to Russia?

Can I Be Compromised? Today’s smart malware bypass the most advanced perimeter, hidden tunnels, backdoors, recon tools, credential abuse, and exfiltration is common. See how Vectra tackles this problem using AI threat hunting.

Vectra: Helping your SOC team become 168 times more efficient

Using Vectra AI Cognito will allow your SOC team to look at the events that matter. This means they will not need to spend time looking at the hundreds of false positives that are flagged, but can concentrate on those events that can cause your organisation real harm.

SentinelOne: Anti-Virus is no longer effective against sophisticated attacks

SentinelOne is the only platform that defends every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the threat lifecycle.

The Top Endpoint Choice Recommended By Fortinet & Microsoft.

Cyren: Turns 0 day into 0 seconds

Cyren run the world’s largest security cloud. Google, Microsoft & Checkpoint rely on Cyren Threat Intelligence. First to detect means first to prevent, this video shares how.

Index Engines: GDPR - Gartner says backup tapes are in scope

GDPR article 17 “Right To Be Forgotten” includes your back up tapes. Learn how Index Engines makes that simple.


#Gartner Survey Shows 37 Percent of Organizations Have Implemented #AI in Some Form
The number of enterprises implementing #artificial #intelligence (AI) grew 270 percent in the past four years and tripled in the past year, according to the Gartner, Inc

#Philippine financial service firm flags #data #breach affecting 900,000 clients
#Cebuana #Lhuillier, said that the data of 900,000 clients had been accessed without authorization and that it had already alerted authorities to investigate the incident.

The #Security #Perimeter Is Dead; Long Live the New #Endpoint Perimeter
Four potent forces have turned #network #security on its head

#VOIPo database exposes millions of call logs and text messages online
An improperly secured #ElasticSearch database was recently discovered containing a huge volume of #VOIP call logs, SMS/MMS message logs, and plaintext internal system credentials.

Surgeon in #China used #5G network to operate remotely on animal
The 5G system, which is said to be at least 10 times as fast as current networks, and perhaps even up to a hundred times, has a lag time of only 0.1 seconds.

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Anti-Virus Is Letting Your Family Down

Trusted Knight A Leader In Cyber Security Has Granted Click 26 Exclusive Rights To Sell It’s Patented End Point Software That Is Trusted By Leading US Banks.

Protector Home Will Prevent Your Personal Information Leaving Your Device Even If It Is Infected.

Protect Your Bank Details, Credit Card Information & Passwords From Being Stolen, Even If Your Device Is Already Infected! Buy A 10 Device License Today For Just £48.50.

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Can Your Web Security Be Compromised?


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Security transactions daily

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Can your web security be compromised? Find out here!

25 Billion

Security transactions daily

1.5 Billion

Users protected

300 Million

Threats blocked daily

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Cyren run the world’s largest security cloud.



We are amazed at just how many companies are. Listed below are 5 of the most recent breaches being reported:

19/01/2019: Philippine financial service firm flags data breach affecting 900,000 clients

15/01/2019: Data breach of Hanover’s online payment system could put residents’ credit card info at risk

10/01/2019: The City of Del Rio was attacked by ransomware – has to resort to pen and paper

07/01/2019: OXO Breach Involved MageCart Attack That Targeted Customer Data

07/01/2019: Early Warning Network – Emergency text and email service hacked

Stay out of the headlines by securing your environment with a AI Pen Test from PCYSYS. IT security teams have been astonished at the risks that it finds and how quickly it finds them. Hardened security environments have been opened up in minutes, grabbing passwords, taking over hosts, accessing SQL databases, file shares & even grabbing domain admins.

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