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AI Pen Testing – The Future Of Pen Testing Is Here!

PCYSYS & Click 26 Review The Results Of Recent Proof Of Concepts

PCYSYS - Overview Of PCYSYS & The Benefits Of AI Pen Testing Over Manual Pen Testing

Quotes From Clients After Undertaking A PCYSYS POC


PCYSYS POC Undertaken At Top 5 Private School:

“I was amazed just how quickly it opened us up, its has made me look at security in a whole different way.

Highly recommend others take a look at this, you will be astonished at what it will find, we certainly were.”


PCYSYS POC Undertaken At Leading Council:

“We were amazed at  what it found, how quickly it found it, without giving it access. The intuitive graphical interface is really nice and the remediation tool tells us what to fix and how to fix it, unlike our annual pen test.”

Get Into The Head Of A Hacker

As organisations are being continuously targeted by hackers, they are compelled to constantly validate the security controls of their IT infrastructure, by safely trying to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities. Traditionally, this is being done by manual penetration testing, performed by ethical hackers. However, a manual penetration testing process is time consuming, expensive and cannot comply with the need for continuous security validation within dynamic IT environments.

PCYSYS AI penetration-testing platform is mimicking the hacker’s mindset and automated discovery of vulnerabilities and ethical exploits while ensuring a smooth network operation. Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediation’s, one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious hacker.


Level 1 – Full vulnerability scanning: replacing tools like NESSUS/Qualys

Level 2 – Black/Grey box pen testing: performing penetration vectors by applying safe exploitations and remediation recommendations and attack vectors reports.

Level 3 – Ethical Hacking: Performing bespoke use cases & business impact analysis showing breach of critical services, application, source code and data.

Benefits of PCYSYS AI Pen Testing:

Continuous security validation: Dramatically reduces your attack surface and helps you meet regulatory requirements, GDPR Article 32, 1(d).

Continuous Penetration Testing: Consistent security validation, enabling to identify breaches in time and deal with them in “small chunks”

Real Threat Mimicking: PCYSY demonstrates how real hackers think and operate and therefore conducts actual exploitations and not just control-level simulations. Explorations are maintained harmless and serve only towards further penetration steps.

Agentless, Plug & Play Solution: There is no need of software agent installations nor allocation of IT resources. One can focus on the process rather than having to experiment with technical barriers, thus saving time.

“If you have the ability to do that with a simple click of a button, why would you use a human to do that? The tool can ensure consistency, provide better reporting, and do it faster. Not to mention requiring less skills.

“BAS and Red Teams will kill the Pentest” Augusto Barros, Gartner, Feb. 14th, 2018

PCYSYS methodology and approach is based on the same best practices as a manual penetration testing whilst utilising the advantages of a machine base, self-learning, continuous ethical hacking. Working for you 24×7.

PCYSYS believes that penetration testing software needs to act in the same way a hacker would, without pre-installation of agents or prior knowledge of the network.  

A global shortage of information security professionals and the increase in cyber threat sophistication drives the need for automated penetration testing software. We improve the way organizations validate their cyber security risk, by delivering the most sophisticated, continuous and cost effective penetration testing platform.


Revolutionary cyber system based on unique algorithms for automated pen-testing
A virtual hacker which executes pen-testing, replacing great and expensive manpower


Just press start and the attack will roll for you

Easy Installation

Simple Prerequisites
Plug and Play
Continuous updates easy to install

Vector View

The vector for each achievement will present you with the story of the attack


No agent installation is needed
The bad guys will not attack you using agents, so why should we!?


The runs will not affect your environment Will not denial any service
Will not interfere with any user’s work

Immunity Suggestions

Each vulnerability found is presented with a clear remediation suggestion, and you have the option to simulate whether the immunity eliminates any attacking progress


Now that it is automatic you have the power to decide whether to run it once a month, once a week or once a day


Hackers are so good in what they do because they are dynamic in the network and this is the biggest challenge for automatic pentesting. If you desire, you can also run static vulnerability assessments

Reduce Your Odds Of Being Compromised!

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