Who Are We?

The team we have assembled at Click 26 are experts in their field who historically sold firewalls, sandboxes & IPS solutions to keep the bad guys out. Realising that todays hackers can easily bypass your perimeter security we knew it was time for a new approach, so we left our jobs to set up Click 26.

Our focus is now to help you mitigate against todays advanced threats. After a year of thorough and comprehensive research we have bought together a suite of AI products that will not only help you fight todays battles, but help you win tomorrows wars.

Nobody Steals A Network Perimeter, It’s Your Data They Are After!

…… GDPR Will Enforce This ….

The Principe Ways In Which We Have Architected Traditional IT Security Needs To Be Reviewed If We Are To Ensure That All Staff, Contractors, Guests & Suppliers Data Remains Protected, Regardless Of Where The Data Lives Or Where The User IS.



Why Are We Called
Click 26?

Users Are Only Safe For The First 26 Seconds It Takes Them To Logon.

Once Users Start Clicking Then Your Security Headache Begins!

What Drives Us?

Our Desire Is To Help You Reduce Your Odds Of Being Compromised & Help You Protect Your Staff, Your Data & Your Reputation.

The Founder: Gary Hudson

Having worked for IT Resellers for over 20 years I acknowledge the crucial role they play in delivering hardware, infrastructure & detect centric security solutions to the market place. What I have learnt is that hackers don’t care about your firewalls, sandboxes, firmware updates, patches, processes & shareholders. Their attacks are increasingly sophisticated using AI machine learning against your infrastructure and your staff to steal your data. To prevent this from happening we have assembled a suite of powerful AI tools which we invite you to test.

Both mine and the Click’s Team common goal is to help you protect your staff, your data and your reputation.

Please feel free to contact either myself or the Click Team at team@click26.co.uk or 03300 417126 with any questions you may have regarding any of the products & technologies that we have on our website or any needs you may have, we are here to help you!


Gary Hudson can be contacted by email: Gary.Hudson@Click26.co.uk

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