Cloud Security

Keeping your data safe in the cloud. 

Why Is Cloud Security Challenging For CSP's, Azure, AWS & Google?

Cloud security means keeping your data stored online safely, i.e. preventing it from being stolen, leaked or deleted. A Task Made Harder By The Introduction Of Dockers & Containers.

Cloud computing is one of the key drivers for achieving an organisation’s mission, according to Gartner, and is finally becoming a new norm. As a result, cloud spending will continue to grow, making it the top investment area for enterprises.

CIOs & management will need to continue to address the main security issues that cloud computing present. The team at Click 26 understand this and are providing our customers with Automated Security Tools that provide greater levels of assurance and compliance.

24*7 Security Monitoring In A Multi-Cloud Environment - C3M

C3M gives you deep insights into your cloud, its security and infrastructure. 

Artificial Intelligence Powered Application Security Testing Solution - NeuraLegion

NexPloit is the new generation, Software As A Service, machine learning based, Application Security Testing Solution.

Cloud Security - HyTrust

HyTrust provides multi-cloud workload security – powerful encryption, policy and access control for virtual and public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Encryption Keys For VMware – HyTrust KeyControl

VMware admins can easily use this solution for both vSphere VM Encryption or vSAN encryption.

Save 20% On Your Monthly Cloud Billing - CloudwareOne

This applies to Google, AWS and Azure cloud service customers. 

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