Your staff are your strongest defence, but seen by hackers as the weakest link!

GCHQ & IISP Accredited Cyber Learning Platform

Capital Conversation - CybSafe CEO and Founder Oz Alashe

Introduction To CybSafe Cyber Security Training

CybSafe CEO and Founder Oz Alashe Talks To Click 26 Founder Gary Hudson

Click 26 & CybSafe - Rethinking Human Risk

CybSafe is unique. It’s the only accredited learning software that fuses cyber security awareness training with human behaviour change analytics and online threat intelligence.

CybSafe is an award-winning cloud-based Unified Cyber Awareness Platform that helps businesses to improve their cyber security behaviour and reduce cyber risk.

Accredited for quality assuranceCybSafe has been independently evaluated and accredited as GCHQ Certified Training which means that the course materials have been rigorously assessed against GCHQ standards. It has also been accredited by the UK Institute of Information Security Professionals. CPD certification provides further assurance of CybSafe as a high-quality cyber security and behaviour change tool.

Everyday, hundreds of organisations, large and small, fall victim to a cyber-attack. The reputational, operational and financial costs to businesses is huge.

Most organisations would agree that they are nothing without their people. Yet, typically, businesses focus their cyber security defences on Technology and Processes. This is despite the fact that your people and those to whom your business is connected, are your first line of cyber defence.

CybSafe decided to do things differently and that’s what we at Click 26 really like.

CybSafe market-leading software that helps organisations take an intelligent approach to cyber and information security awareness.

It’s designed around the simple principle that if your people know how to behave better online, they will be more secure and so will your business.

CybSafe educates your employees through intuitive learning via a range of short structured modules, containing thought provoking content including simulated phishing attacks and is designed to optimise behavioural change. 

Through intelligent software and proprietary analytics, CybSafe learns individual knowledge levels, behaviour patterns and the ever-evolving techniques of cyber criminals. It then applies this understanding to ensure CybSafe users are better protected online.

CybSafe is intelligent software grounded in psychology theory and behavioural science principles.

It learns the best way to impart knowledge, helps to measure improvements in behaviour, helps you visualise your cyber security vulnerabilities and contains constantly evolving course content to ensure your people are best prepared to face the cyber threats that are specific to your industry.

The backbone of the CybSafe software is an analytical engine that provides easily digestible information and insight into levels of understanding, improvements in behaviour, points of vulnerability, and areas of risk.

CybSafe provide a Unified Cyber Awareness Platform and the digital tools you need for a 360° cyber security awareness campaign that will drive real and lasting change in the cyber security culture of your people and your organisation.

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