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Today’s data is restless, never still for a minute it moves from desktop, to laptop, to USB sticks, phones, social media platforms, network storage, dropbox and the cloud.

We consume it at an alarming rate and demand it constantly, yet rarely do give too much thought to its security, because that’s the job of IT, right! Well maybe there’s some truth in that, and whist it’s not the job of the Click team to debate that, our role is to make sure that your data is safe at all times, no matter what platform, what country or what time of day.

With GDPR legislation now in force, by ensuring that your data and devices are encrypted you will be complying with GDPR Article 34 in terms of the requirements to notify the data subject.
Yet with so many Encryption tools to choose from one which is the best? Well, we have made that task a little easier using the following measurement:

  • Time to deploy
  • Ease of Management
  • Cost to purchase and maintain

In our opinion, EgoSecure has the best product on the market. The EgoSecure encryption solution is easy and fast to install without extensive work and costly consulting support. EgoSecure Data Protection consists predominantly of proprietary developments and therefore has a uniform installation, administration and operating concept.

While devices are shrinking in size and increasing in performance, they are also lost or stolen more easily. Removable Device Encryption ensures that the data cannot be used by unauthorized parties. Password-based encryption and decryption can be achieved on any Windows computer, with full transparency for authorized users. Encryption is file-based, and various encryption types are available (for the whole company, for individual users or for certain user groups). It is possible to use multiple encryption types for one medium.
Laptops can be lost or stolen and chances are that there is sensitive corporate data on them. Full Disk Encryption makes sure that only authorised users have access to the device and data.

Pre-Boot Authentication ensures that registration at Windows and related encryptions, such as the disk encryption, cannot be manipulated and circumvented by converting the hard drives, starting of USB/CD or the replacement of the operating system. The registration to the corresponding terminal will thereby take place immediately after the BIOS loading process, but before the start of the operating system. Besides passwords also many smart cards are supported as login security. Enterprise features such as help desk, self-initialization and more are also available. Login screens can be customized to each customer.


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