Automated Security Assessment

Mapped To ISO 27001 & 27005 Standards

Why Perform a Security Assessment? A security assessment is performed to identify the current security posture of an information system or organisation. The assessment provides recommendations for improvement, which allows the organization to a reach a security goal that mitigates risk.

This automated device is loaded with analytic and reporting tools to provide a comprehensive view of your environment.

We will conduct an automated framework gap assessment in your organization that will report on the level of effort that is required to get your organisation from where you are to map your framework to align with ISO 27001. Features of the Security Assessment include:

Pinpoint the gaps that exist between the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and your current security practices.

The security assessment will provide you means to design an approach that will improve the overall performance of your information security posture.

The Assessment consists of two parts, namely a non-intrusive Technical Controls Assessment and a 27005 risk assessment completed on line, which will be performed over an agreed period. Where required the risk assessment can be conducted on site. The risk Assessment is performed in line with the International Organisation for Standards (ISO) 27001 controls and delivered as an interactive questionnaire to be completed online or onsite. During the Technical Controls Assessment, we perform a baseline non-intrusive security scan of the environment to understand the following:

  Antivirus software coverage across the environment
  Advanced persistent threat prevalence
  Versions of antivirus software deployed
  Network traffic analysis
  Operating Systems prevalent in the network
  Privilege identity usage analysis
  Patch levels of the operating systems and applications
  DDOS vulnerability posture
  Firewall configurations and health
  SSL Traffic patterns

The Security Assessment service will provide our customers with a remediation roadmap to address any issues identified in the security analysis.

This remediation roadmap details actions and mitigations against discovered issues on the assets, as well as detailed mechanisms to allow clients to work towards a security framework. It will also highlight any policy gaps and propose initiatives that clients can adopt.

Why Use Automation?

Quicker Cheaper & More comprehensive than manual pen testers or consultants.

All risks reported with full remediation report for your team to act upon.

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